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Why are you here?
Invariably you are here because you have a problem that involves the law. Rest assured, we can help. Every problem has an end, and our objective is to get your problem resolved.

Getting what you need
At different times during our work for you we will ask you what you want. This is not intended to be a generic question, but is intended to focus you as to what you specifically want to achieve. It may be an amount of money, or a particular outcome. Sometimes this will be obvious, but in others may vary. Our advice is to think about what you want so you can answer this question.

Help us to help you
Records, correspondence, files, and any details around your matter are really important. Obviously you will tell us your particular circumstances, but if you have any evidentiary material such as letters, emails, phone records or similar that can corroborate what you are telling us please collate these and bring them with you.

We like appointments rather than cold calls because it allows us to schedule our time, and give clients and their matter our full attention. Our lawyers will not take a call when they are in consultation with another client, and similarly, will not keep you waiting on an appointment. We know time is important, but we think this is the fairest and most efficient system for all our clients.

Fees and Costs
The quicker we can solve your problem the less it will cost. Addressing the relevant facts in your matter allows us to get to the point quicker. The costs in your matter will be made up of our fees (what we charge for our time in doing the work), disbursements (any charges levied on us on your behalf, such as searching company records), and specialist fees (such as barrister fees). Together these all make up your costs. We will always try and give you an idea of these before we start work.

Everything happens at a time and a place. We often prepare a written chronology to assist in understanding critical events and how they impact the overall situation. We recommend you make chronology as a guide to your matter, and keep it handy so you can add in other parts when they come to mind. We will share our chronology with you if that helps you.

Asking questions is good for all of us because it not only clears things up, it helps us to know you understand the advice we are providing you. If you have questions please ask them. The best way to attack difficult areas is to write them down and email them to us. That way you can really think about what your issue might be, and we can answer it specifically. You also get a record of it to read again if it doesn't quite make sense to start off with!