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Welcome to CIF Lawyers. We practice modern, practical law. We look for solutions to problems that suit our clients individual needs. Review our Practice Areas to see the types of work we focus on, or call us for an opinion on who you should be talking to.

Not sure where to start? Read our 'helpful tips' on working with your lawyer, or book a 'FREE 15 minute tele-consult' to see if we can help you. If we can't help, we can tell you who can.

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About Us

Practical Lawyers
Unlike many law firms, we prefer solutions over fees. If we can solve your matter with a phone call to the other side, that's easier and better for everyone. If we can settle a dispute without having to litigate, it's cheaper, faster and less stressful for everyone involved. If we can solve it quickly, we do it. If we can minimise cost, we do it. If we can save relationships, we do it. No matter how stressful your matter appears, life goes on during and after it, so we try to balance each case to suit our clients individual needs, and we always keep the big picture in mind.

Law You Can Understand
We know that legal action can be stressful, confusing, even overwhelming. We know you'd prefer to be just about anywhere else, so we try to explain the complex issues to you in easy to understand terms, so you know where you stand. Then you can make sound decisions about what is right for you.  

Why Choose Us?
There are many firms bigger than us, but none who will know your case better than us.  In larger firms, a Partner will oversee your case while a team of junior lawyers or paralegals do the work.  At CIF, you work directly with a senior lawyer from start to finish. This means more efficient handling of your matter, without the doubling up (and double billing) that occurs in larger firms.

Get Started Today
Book a FREE 15 minute tele-consult, and get a plan today.  Figure out your options so you can decide what the next steps are.  Get a Plan, get a Result!

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How we Work

Our Structure
Unlike larger firms that have a tiered structure, we keep ours as flat as possible. We utilise senior lawyers who are competent to handle all the aspects of your case from start to finish. We enable those lawyers with support staff they want to work with to assist them (that we pay for). You don't pay extra for paralegals to do work supervised by senior lawyers, you only deal with your lawyer.

Use of Technology
We utilise technology to assist us in getting the job done efficiently. If you call your solicitor and they are occupied, your voice message goes directly to your solicitor's email, where they can see you have called and can respond as soon as they are able. We use electronic filing and secured cloud storage so all your files are at our finger tips, regardless of where we may be at the time. If you provide us with paper files we will scan these and return the hardcopy to you. We file court documents electronically, which allow us to serve and distribute essential documents quickly. Many of our appearances are by video link or telephone, this means we avoid travelling and travelling costs.

Interacting With You
Our first interaction with you is often by telephone. Thereafter we like to meet you face to face, or by video link to discuss your needs. This can be at one of our office locations, at your business, home, or other convenient location. When we meet with you we will verify your identity, just like a bank does. We keep a copy of your identification records on file, and if you need an urgent certified copy we can provide this for you from these records. We do this for clients who work and travel overseas regularly as a safety precaution.

Subsequent interactions are often via phone or email, but if you prefer to meet face to face that is easily arranged. Just send us a meeting request and we will confirm our availability to meet with you.

If we need to show you draft documents or provide copies we can do that via mail, but prefer secure document exchange (SDX), where we share a digital link so we can all instantly look at the documents we have prepared for you. We can supplement or replace this with fax, Skype, email, Zoom, Teams, or text.

Managing Your Case
No one will know your case better than you. If you have a question about it please ask, don't leave your queries unanswered. Where there is more than one direction a case can go in, we will tell you your options, but its always your choice about which way to go.  You decide which option you prefer, and together we execute that strategy.

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Practice Areas
We specialise in Commercial Law, Injury Law, and Family Law. We also cover a range of other more generic areas which often intersect with life, including Aviation, Crime, and Property matters. Scroll down to see a few. If we can't assist you, we can refer you to a specialist who can, free of charge, that's practical!
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Commercial Law
We cover all aspects of business and commercial law including company & trust establishment, corporate structuring, personal and corporate debt recovery, buying and selling business assets and companies, drafting and reviewing contracts, enforcing contractual rights through negotiation or litigation, personal bankruptcy, and corporate insolvency.  If you have a commercial law issue, book a free 15 minute appraisal call now, and we can discuss your options with no obligations.

Accident & Injury Law
If you are in Queensland, please call us to discuss your matter. Queensland law prevents us from directly advertising these services.

If you are in NSW, Victoria or Western Australia, please
click here.

Family Law
Family Law encompasses a range of legal services dealing with marital assets (Property) and children (Parenting). Relationships are complex areas and we know and appreciate the difficulty you are going through when these issues arise. We will guide you through the process and advise you along the way with what is fair and reasonable. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence, are going through a divorce or property settlement, or if you have a child custody matter, book a free 15-minute call with us to discuss your options.  We know you will feel better once you hear there are things that can be done to address the situation.

Our conveyancing team can look after all aspects your property sales and acquisitions from a first home purchase, to the registration and splitting of lots for property developers. We offer fixed fees and detailed searches so you know what is included and how much you are paying. We transfer properties using the digital conveyancing platform PEXA.

If you are an Agent, we will keep you appraised at each step of the process so you know where the deal stands. If you need assistance with drafting special conditions you can email our Property@ email for a clause that meets your needs.

Criminal Law
If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Queensland, NSW or Victoria we can assist. Our experienced criminal lawyers can walk you through the largely codified criminal law, and advise you on the strength of the charges laid against you, and your immediate defences. In many cases we can negotiate the charges down to a lesser offence, or be withdrawn altogether. For more serious matters we may engage a specialist barrister to guide your case and seek tactical opportunities to deal with the charges. Our focus when representing you in criminal matters is to tell you clearly where you stand, and to look for opportunities to minimise the consequences, or to see the matter dismissed if possible.

Wills and Estates
A Will is one of the most under-rated administrative requirements of life. Regardless of age or health, every adult should have a Will. A Will can spare your loved ones from becoming entangled in expensive, stressful, or acrimonious distribution of your property after you pass. When the time comes, we can assist your family through the necessities of obtaining probate (validation of your Will), paying your expenses, and distributing your estate in accordance with your wishes.

We offer a full range of Wills from the standard, to complex structures incorporating testamentary trusts, or life interests. If you need a Will, just click the link below to choose the type of Will for you, fill in the basic elements, and before you know it you will have a Will ready to execute.

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If you have a more complex family arrangement, or assets like a farm that can't just be divided up, we can transfer those assets into a series of trusts. This can allow your family to retain the entire asset as a whole without it being sold off in parts.

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence occurs in many forms, and has become the scourge of our modern society.  If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence, or if you need help in obtaining a Protection Order, we can assist.  In many cases an Order takes effect immediately, and may see people displaced from their homes the same day.  Failure to appear at a hearing (usually 3-4 days after an initial incident), can result in an Order that lasts for five years, and restrict access to the family home and children.  If you are the victim of domestic violence, we can move quickly to protect you and your family, and secure access to the family home and possessions.  In many cases protection orders can favour those who move first, if you are in this situation, contact us immediately.

Traffic Matters
If you have been charged with a serious driving offence, your license may be at risk.  This can affect your ability to work, and severely impact your lifestyle.  Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, high speed offences, and dangerous driving carry substantial penalties, including imprisonment.  In some cases, we may be able to assist you in obtaining a Restricted Work Licence, or a Special Hardship Licence. See our fixed price quotes so you know where you stand!

Court Appearances
We appear in all State and Federal Courts for the conduct of mentions, directions hearing, trials and appeals.  Where necessary or efficient, we brief Counsel for serious or complex matters.  If you have to go to Court, call us before, we could be the difference between a minor penalty, and a recorded conviction.

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Aviation Matters
We have first hand specialist expertise in dealing with CASA, Aviation Insurers, ATSB, various Departments of Planning and Environment, and other players in the Aviation industry. If you are an operator, a pilot, injured at work, or in an accident, you can retain us to advise you as your matter unfolds, or to represent you in any ongoing court or administrative action.

Please go to
Aviation Lawyers Australia, or contact us.

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Online Sales of Tobacco, Bongs, Vape & Smoking Products
If you are an online retailer you may require advice on what you can legally sell in different jurisdictions around Australia, or what you can import or export. We are able to review your site and corporate structure to provide you with advice on what you need to do to maintain a legal online presence. This ensures online traders are able to keep their sites operational and avoid suspension, not to mention possible fines from Corporate regulators or Police. We can also issue you with a letter of legislative compliance which is required for the provision of merchant services from a payment facilitator.

Fixed Price Schedule

If we can provide a fixed price for a particular task, that's easier and more transparent for everyone. We can't do this for dynamic situations, but for standard services ask us if it isn't listed below.

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Corporate Matters, Company & Trust Formation
Letter of Demand (Debt/Pre-Claim/Cease & Desist) - Initial - $440, multiple - $165
Statutory Demand with supporting affidavit - Initial - $880, multiple - $660
PPS Act Registrations - $165 + Registration Fee (around $25)

Company Registration - $990 (including ASIC fee's)
Discretionary Trust Formation (Personal Trustee) - $990
Discretionary Trust Formation (Corporate Trustee) - $1,650
Property or Unit Trust Formation (Corporate Trustee) - $1,650
Shareholder Agreement - $1,650
Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement - $990
Asset Sale Agreement - $2,200
Sale of Business Agreement - $3,300 (simple) - $5,500 (complex)
Commercial Loan Agreement - $1,650
Employment Contract - $990
Employee Handbook - $1,650
Employee Option Plan - $3,300
Website/App Terms and Conditions - $990
Pleadings, interlocutory procedures, trial, enforcement hearings and other appearances at hourly rate.
Timing - Please allow 5 hours to prepare your documents with 2 hours of face-to-face time included.

Domestic Violence
Private Application (including affidavits and initial appearance) - $1,990
Initial or Short Appearance (adjournment or set down trial date) - $550
Preparation of Defence (including affidavits) - $1,990
Subsequent Appearances or Mentions (including consent orders) - $550-770
Breach of Order Appearance (Plea) - $770
Breach of Order Appearance (Defence) - As per Trial & Subsequent Appearances
Trial (including preparation) - $2,200 (half day), $3,850 (full day)
Barrister Fees - $3,300 per day
Timing - Please allow 5 hours to prepare your application or defence with 2 hours of face-to-face time included.

Property Conveyancing
Split a Joint Title to Tenants-in-Common - $990 plus filing fee
Sale or Transfer - $990

Purchase - $1,650
Commercial Property Sale or Transfer - $990
Commercial Property Purchase - $1,990
Commercial Lease (standard) - $1,650
Commercial Lease (Retail Shop) - $1,650
Lease Assignment or Renewal - $770
Lease Review - $550

Wills & Estates
Standard Will - $990

Couple's (Mirror) Will - $1,320
Enduring Power of Attorney - $330
Advanced Health Directive - $330
Couple's Will & EPOA - $1,650
Addition of a Testamentary Trust - $990

Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration - $2,200 + Court Fee
Timing - Please allow 3-5 hours to prepare your Will, with 2 hours of face-to-face time included.

Debt Recovery
Letter of Demand (including initial brief) - initial - $440, multiple - $165
Statutory Demand (including affidavit) - $880
Draft Claim and Statement of Claim (basic) - $1,650 + Court Fee
Ongoing Litigation & Other Matters - Hourly Rate

Family Law Matters
Divorce (Uncontested) - $1,650 + Court Fee ($910)
Consent Orders - Property or Parenting (including 2 hours negotiation) - $1,650 + Court Fee ($165)
Initiating Applications or Response - Property or Parenting - $5,500 + Court Fee ($350-$695)
(depending on complexity or where both Property and Parenting Orders are sought an additional hourly charge may be levied).
Binding Financial Agreements (Pre or Post nuptial) - $2750

Interim Property or Parenting Applications, Mediation & Subsequent Representation - Hourly Rate

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Contact Us

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